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GContracts 1.2.9 Released!

I am proud to announce that GContracts 1.2.9 has just been released and is available in the Central Maven repository [0] and at Github [1]. This release covers bug fixes and Groovy 2.0 compatibility, especially with the static type checking and compilation features aka @CompileStatic and @TypeChecked. As part of this release, issue tracking will be moved from the Lighthouse account back to Github [2].

Release Notes

  • Moving from Lighthouse to Github issue tracking
  • [29] Groovy 2.0 compatibility
  • [32] Ensure GContracts works with Groovy AST transformations
  • [28] Evaluate annotation closure expressions
  • [30] Class invariants should allow private instance field access
Personal note: I am sorry for the long distance between 1.2.9 the previous version 1.2.5, but this has been caused by work overload and personal reasons. From now on, things look bright to come back to a more regular release phase and blog post rate :-)

[0] GContracts 1.2.9 @ Central Maven Repository
[1] Github Download Page
[2] Github Issue Tracker