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My name is Andre Steingress, I'm based in Linz, Austria.

I am passionate about working on server-side applications using Groovy, Scala or other JVM-based programming languages. My past works was largely in the Java field, so I have experiences with a bunch of frameworks, libraries and servers in this cosmos ;-) Think NoSQL, Hibernate, Spring Framework, JEE, Apache Solr, Elastic Search, Grails and a bazillion of libraries that I had to use every now and then.

I am project lead of GContracts - a Design by Contract extension for Groovy, committer to the Groovy programming language and engaged in many other open-source stuff I care about.

My daily job is being CEO and software maintenance expert at AppCare, a company specialised in software maintenance, performance analysis and software migration.

As of 2013, I am host of the Donau Tech Radio" (DTR) podcast, together with Thomas Einwaller. DTR is a periodically published podcast in German about software engineering, gadgets and other geek stuff.

I regularly blog and write articles for JavaMagazin (Germany), GroovyMag (US), Java Journal (US).

If you would like to contact me, please use either Xing, LinkedIn or Twitter as these are the services I use quite frequently.

@asteingr at Twitter