Grails Quickie: How to Load Dependency Sources and Javadocs

Once you start a new Grails project and you want to access all the source code of dependent libraries, you have to manually reference the according source files. This is a boring, time-consuming and error-prone task - something like mvn dependency:sources is definitely missing. Luckily, there exists a workaround which can be done using the eclipse-scripts [0] plugin: [sourcecode] grails install-plugin eclipse-scripts grails compile grails download-sources-and-javadocs # run twice to download everything grails download-sources-and-javadocs # grails create-eclipse-files # run this one to create .classpath/.project Eclipse/STS files [/sourcecode] Executing download-sources-and-javadocs loads the docs and copies them into the Ivy cache directory. Thanks to Lari Hotari who came up with this solution on the Grails mailing-list [1].

[0] Eclipse Helper Scripts Plugin
[1] Nabble Grails User Mailing-List - Grails Dependency Sources