GContracts 1.2.1 Released!

I am proud to announce that GContracts 1.2.1 has just been released and is available in the Central Maven repository [0] and at Github [1]. This release includes bug fixes and enhancements.

@Contracted gets Optional

The most popular ticket has been [08]. GContracts 1.2.0 introduced the @Contracted annotation which was mandatory on every annotated class or interface. This turned out to be too restrictive and confusing, ticket #8 resolved that issue: @Contracted is now optional and will otherwise be injected automatically.

@Target and @Retention Injection on @AnnotationContract

All @AnnotationContract annotations are injected with appropriate @Target and @Retention annotations if not specified.

Release Notes

[13] Automtically infer @Retention and @Target into Annotation Contracts [07] Documentation on Annotation Contracts [12] Optimize CandidateChecks and exclude java.lang and groovy.lang [08] find better way instead of @Contracted [02] update github wiki with new 1.2 features

[0] GContracts 1.2.1 @ Central Maven Repository
[1] Github Download Page