Hi! My name is Andre Steingress, I’m based in Linz, Austria.

I’m a family guy (father of three) and passionate about programming ever since. I like developing server-side applications using Java, Groovy, Scala or other JVM-based programming languages. Since the start of the Android SDK my company is also offering contract work in mobile application development, for both, Google Android and Apple iOS.

Starting 2013, I am co-hosting the Donau Tech Radio (DTR) podcast. DTR is a periodically published podcast with over 130 episodes (as of 2017/09). It’s one of the first and maybe the most popular podcast on software engineering and gadgets here in Austria.

If you would like to contact me for project or consulting work or just to get in touch with me, please use either Xing or Twitter as these are the social networks I use (or at least check) frequently.

Andre on Xing
@asteingr on Twitter

Feel free to visit my company’s web page and contact me over there.